So many terrible sequels are being made. Whether it be another Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, or Fast and Furious, it’s difficult to keep track anymore. So little care goes into these movies, and they are so clearly made not for quality, but their lucrativeness. So, I thought I’d take a look at some sequels which could genuinely be worthwhile from a critical standpoint. So, here are some hypothetical sequels which could be great films if handled with respect.

4th Before

Before Midnight

Why this should get a sequel: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy I’m sure would like to work together again and are still fantastic actors. Each Before film offers its own fresh perspective on love, showing the effects time has on this. Considering the tensions that were present in Before Midnight it would be interesting to see if they dealt with their issues.

What the sequel could be: Considering the emphasis that was placed on Hank, Jesse’s son, I imagine this could be at a landmark educational moment for him. In terms of the relationship between Celine and Jesse, it could either work to see them now in a more relaxed and comfortable fashion than Before Midnight, finally accepting each other flaws. OR, alternatively, they could be apart. We know Celine is close to Hank, so it’s possible she would come to an important event for him. Celine and Jesse weren’t married in the 3rd film, making a split easier logistically, and also had deep-rooted relationship issues. Whilst they overcame them before, 9 years is a long time to live in a problematic state. They could reminisce on their relationship, and, now that Hank is no longer dependent on them, Jesse may be less concerned with spending quite as much time with him. They may be able to now overlook the issues they previously had, and reignite the flame.

Likelihood of a sequel: Probably quite high. In usual Before fashion, they left us pondering the possible directions of Jesse and Celine’s relationship in the previous instalment. And with Linklater, Hawke and Delpy all very much still close and working, and a lot of different angles that you could take the story in, it would surely be a waste not to make another.

2nd Inside Out 

Inside Out

Why this should get a sequel: Inside Out was a film with a fascinating concept, and with Riley on the brink of her teenage years, it would be brilliant to explore how her emotions deal with the changes puberty has in line for her. Considering that Pixar is making another Cars film, why not produce another of their greatest films?

What the sequel could be: This could explore a teenage Riley, probably around the age of 13-15. The previous film hints at this with her growing emotionality and interest in boys. New emotions could possibly come seeing how she will emotionally and physically change drastically in these formative years. Riley could be a stroppy, sulky teenager. Joy, due to Riley’s classically stroppy teenager attitude, could be at risk of disappearing. The emotions could go on an adventure to the heart to try and get some traces of positivity in her new moody, depressive teenage personality. The exploration of another part of her body would mean that we would not be restricted to the confines of the first film, and therefore could have some variety in the problems faced for the emotions and in what they encounter.

Likelihood of a sequel: I honestly think there will be a second Inside Out. Pixar has made sequels to Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. prequel, so, why not a sequel to their Oscar winning film?

2nd Nightcrawler


Why this should get a sequel: Whilst Nightcrawler’s ambiguous ending and lack of comeuppance for our protagonist was an effective and eerie way to end the tale, there is a lot of potential. We’ve just reached a new period in our protagonist’s life, and it would be interesting to see if he continues his relentless and ruthless way of working, and how he would cope with a position of power.

What the sequel could be: Louis Bloom could have his position of newfound and unfamiliar power threatened by a new, and importantly, charismatic figure. Whilst he is smart and brutal, Louis lacks the personality to really connect with people. He is frustrated by this figure managing through their charm to rise far quicker than he did through the ranks with far less of a struggle. He could attempt to manipulate this individual to become as detestable as he is. As the other film did not have any retribution for Louis’ actions, it could toy with the idea of him potentially losing his life and power, as he’s forced into more and more desperate situations in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition.

Likelihood of a sequel: Probably not very likely. As I said, the ending to the original was satisfactory and harrowing. A sequel could definitely build on where the first left off but is not necessary.

2nd Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller

Why this should get a sequel: This a much beloved classic which still has a huge fanbase. A sequel has been discussed for years, and it would be fascinating to see how time has changed Ferris’ personality and where he is now.

What the sequel could be: Ferris is now a middle-aged man in a boring office job. He is comfortable, with decent enough pay, and a normal family, but realises that he has lost his adventurous side and the adrenaline-fuelled days of his youth. Having somewhat of a mid-life crisis, and remembering his younger self, he could decide to skip work and have fun for the day. This would be like the original but in a different environment, not displeasing fans by being too dissimilar to the original. It would be nostalgic and would hopefully retain the same sense of humour, although our protagonist’s mid-life crisis would add a sense of humanity and pessimism.

Likelihood of a sequel: This just seems like one of those films always on the brink of production, but doomed to never quite materialise. As the years roll by a sequel is looking less and likely.

2nd Léon: The Professional


Why this should get a sequel: With Luc Besson and Natalie Portman Hollywood stars, and the original an undisputed classic, there would surely be a team and an audience for this. The original left the story in an interesting place, with Mathilda’s future uncertain.

What the sequel could be: Could follow an older Mathilda, who is now herself a hitwoman. She carries on Léon’s style of action, and because of his help for her in her time of need, she is a vigilante type character, assassinating corrupt figures, taking up his mantle. She, due to her strange sexualisation of Léon, still likes older men. This would retain the fascinating subversive feel of the first. As she realises that soon she will be doomed to be a loner like Léon, she attempts to change the trajectory of her life but is dragged into a large conspiracy, in which she must battle for her life.

Likelihood of a sequel: I can’t imagine this getting a sequel really. It’s been discussed before, but, like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, looks like never getting a follow-up. The first was satisfying in itself, and whilst this has potential, it’s not really needed.